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Main Advantages and Disadvantages of SVG File format

  • 15 May
  • 2021

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Main Advantages and disadvantages of SVG File format



  •  Size: - SVG file image components use very little space than their doubles created in raster form.


  • Flexibility: - With CSS, you can instantly increase the graphics settings on the website, such as background color or the place of the logo on the webpage. To do that, you can easily edit the SVG file in multiple text editors.


  • Scalability without reducing the SVG image property. It is popularly used for devices with screens resolutions and those adjacent to them.


  • It’s desirable to see the contents of the SVG Cut file in each browser like Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.




  • The SVG file size is rising very quick, if the thing consists of a huge amount of small parts.


  • It’s difficult to understand a part of the visual graphic object, exclusively the whole target and it reduces you down.

Conclusion: - Mainly SVG files are used for developing icons for a website. The SVG Image is easily stretched and compressed without dropping the image quality and it will not look like blurred on any devices with high pixel density. It is easily browse-able in all types of devices like PC, Desktop, mobile, Smartphones, and tablets. The SVG files are compatible to be open in any browser.